"Laugh-out-loud funny, thoughtful, and extremely well acted."

"For Better, For Worse examines timing and frisson in romantic relationships, and what it means to balance romance and friendship, combining excellent acting, intelligent dialogue, and entertaining story."

-The Tolucan Times

"The performances are brilliant, and the roles are perfectly cast."

"I think the biggest compliment to give any play, or film or TV show for that matter, is to say that it was truthful, that we can see ourselves, as we sit in the audience, in each and every role, and that the story is one we all know, on an emotional level. This play is exactly that. I knew this story."

"That is not to say in any way that 'I have seen this all before,' not at all. But I knew these people, I knew their stories, I have felt their pain. Reed Arnold is an extraordinary writer, he takes us effortlessly through these particular moments in the lives of these particular characters, and we believe them. I believed everything they said, I believed these people were friends, lovers, and everything in between, which is where the truth of relationships really lie."



"Full of dramatic tension and dumbfounding wit."

"For Better For Worse is not a play to be missed!"